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When a stove is installed inside a property, it is important that there is a chimney or flue in place in order to ensure that the volatile materials and toxic gases are dispersed outside of the property. After all, carbon-based fuels like coal and firewood release carbon dioxide as a by-product when they are burned and a stove must have an effective way to remove it in order to ensure that the homeowners are not put in danger. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about chimneys…

What is a chimney?

A chimney is a vertical channel that often travels through the centre of a property and conducts smoke from a fire, dispersing it outside the home. They are often comprised of many layers that are neatly packed together in order to provide the most effective method of smoke removal possible. For instance, the outside is comprised of a brick face, the inside uses a metallic flue pipe in order to protect the framework and a chimney cap is used at the very top in order to prevent rainwater entering the property.

Is a chimney essential for stove installation?

Since many modern homes are designed without a traditional chimney frame, stove ownership may appear to be unattainable for some property owners. Luckily, it is actually possible to install a flue inside a home as it can be attached to the stove unit in order to ensure that the smoke and volatile materials generated from burning any fuels are successfully removed. With this said, it is essential that a flue is installed by a licenced professional as this is not a job for a DIY project.

How is a chimney maintained?

Although it is possible to install a flue inside a property, it is essential that homeowners are aware of the maintenance responsibilities that come with chimney ownership, particularly a traditional brick chimney frame. For example, a flue must be swept on a regular basis in order to prevent any build-up of soot that may affect the air quality inside a property and neglecting this duty can have life threatening repercussions.

A chimney is one of the oldest components that can be found inside a home in the UK. After all, they were used by the Romans in order remove smoke from bakeries, and eventually became a common household feature during the mid-18th century. With this said, many modern homes do not have a functioning chimney in place and this can lead to a lot of confusion regarding stove ownership. Luckily, it is very easy to install a functioning flue in preparation for a brand-new stove purchase. To find out more information, get in contact with the best stoves Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Denton Stove Centre team today!

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