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As one of the most popular stoves on the market, the wood burner requires meticulous attention to detail from a property owner as there are a variety of different maintenance responsibilities that span from cleanliness to wood type. In fact, wood has been the number one fuel choice for hundreds of thousands of years and continues to catch the eye of potential stove investors to this day. Read on as the team here at Denton Stove Centre go over a few top tips to remember when it comes to choosing the most suitable wood to burn in a woodburning stove…

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

In order to understand what separates hardwood from softwood, it is important to appreciate the way that a tree grows. After all, it is this process that creates two different types of wood that homeowners must be able to differentiate between when it comes to burning. For instance, hardwood is not named as such because it is ‘harder’ but because it grows slower and is therefore denser. As a result, hardwood is often the best wood for burning because it doesn’t burn as quickly as softwood.

Why is dry wood the most efficient?

Regardless of the type of wood a homeowner chooses, it is vital that the moisture is removed from it. After all, dry wood that has been properly seasoned is the most suitable for burning because a moisture content of 20% or more can make it incredibly difficult to light and the fire output is often weak even if the wood does manage to hold a spark. As a result, a homeowner should remember to season their wood effectively prior to burning or think about purchasing pre-seasoned or kiln dried logs instead.

Which trees are recommended for burning?

There are many different types of wood that can be used for burning, however some are more readily available and suitable for the process. For example, apple wood produces a sweet scent when it is burned but the flames are often small; birch wood burns incredibly quickly but with a lot of strength; oak wood is very dense which means that it burns very slowly but efficiently; and ash wood, which is considered the best for burning, produces a strong flame and fire output that is considered very reliable.

From kiln drying to traditional seasoning, there is more to the purchase of firewood than what meets the eye. After all, different trees burn in different ways, which means that a homeowner must take every option into consideration. Here at Denton Stove Centre, we have a variety of high-quality woodburning stoves that are available in a range of different styles including free-standing, inset and even cylindrical. To find out more information, get in contact with the best stoves Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the team today!

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