With the UK government under more strain than ever to declare a climate emergency and start tackling the harm that we are inflicting upon our planet, the future of wood burners could be hanging in the balance. Here at Denton Stove Centre, we know how integral a woodburning stove is to many homeowners and that is why we have decided to clear up the confusion once and for all. After all, the strategies set out by the government can often be confusing and misleading. Read on to find out more information…

The Clean Air Strategy 2019

The latest addition to the Clean Air Strategy was published by DEFRA, the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, on the 14th May 2019 and it placed a lot of emphasis on the reduction of harmful pollutants, such as those generated during the combustion of carbon-based fuels like wood and coal. With this said, the woodburning stoves themselves have not been banned, but merely more closely controlled.

Industry Action Plans

The Clean Air Strategy involves three distinct industry initiatives that have been put in place in order to address poor air-quality and ensure that the problem isn’t exacerbated. For example, Woodsure’s Ready to Burn is a scheme backed by the government that helps homeowners maintain their stove and find the best quality firewood as well-seasoned logs can reduce emissions by 50%; the Ecodesign Ready Scheme tells consumers which units are DEFRA compliant because these stoves have a 90% reduction on the emissions that are generated; and the Burnright scheme is an organisation operation that provides woodburning stove owners with the information they need to use their appliance properly.

The Future of Wood Burners

Although the changes to the Clean Air Strategy have caused many homeowners to worry about the future of their wood burner, they will not be put into place until 2022. After all, statistics show that the emissions generated from domestic use have decreased since the 1950’s. With this said, the main points in the strategy address Smoke Control Zones, how the purchase of domestic stoves and fuels will be more closely controlled and the amount of information that is available to stove users.

Here at Denton Stove Centre, we stock a variety of high-quality traditional, woodburning and multi-fuel stoves in order to appeal to the preferences of millions of homeowners. Whilst the future looks promising for wood burners, the rules and regulations will change in 2022 in order to ensure that every unit is design with the environment in mind and this means that homeowners should consider investing in a DEFRA approved unit. To find out more information about how our stoves are made, get in contact with the best stoves Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Denton Stove Centre team today!