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Over the past decade, gas bills have increased considerably. After all, the government was supposed to introduce a price cap years ago! In fact, statistics show that the number of households with a fully functioning woodburning fireplace have also soared and in this blog, the team here at Denton Stove Centre have decided to go over a few reasons why…

Environmentally Friendly

As a renewable source of energy, wood is one of the most sustainable stove fuels around. In fact, it is possible to get your wood from sustainable and reliable sources that plant at least one new tree in place of the one that that chopped down for your fuel. In addition to this, the only carbon dioxide that is released when you are burning wooden logs is the carbon dioxide that the tree absorbed during its lifetime, which makes it a carbon neutral and green fuel choice.


There is nothing like the crackle of a wood burning fire which is why many people tend to invest in a stove when the temperatures drop and everybody starts to get in the festive spirit. After all, a real fire can make a living space incredibly cosy during winter when everyone is using them to stay warm. In fact, they are the sure winner in comparison to gas or coal fires because they produce the most aesthetically pleasing result.

Cost Effective

With the gas bills increasing every year, it is no wonder that more and more households are discovering the economical benefits of a woodburning stove. After all, they are incredibly efficient at heating a room and can help you stay warm without relying on gas or electricity. As long as you source your fuel ahead of time, you will be able to find a fair price for your seasoned logs. Plus, stoves come with an impressive lifespan when they are well maintained which makes your investment one for the future.

Here at Denton Stove Centre, we have a wide range of woodburning stoves to suit the preference of every property owner. After all, it is hard to beat the crackle of real wood in a wood burner! Whether you want to keep things neat and tidy with an inset stove or prefer the modern aesthetics of a cylinder style, the best stoves in Manchester are here to help! Get in contact with a member of the Denton Stove Centre team to find out more information today!

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