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It is unfortunate, but many people live in inefficient homes that are badly insulated and contain poor, if not faulty, heating systems. These poor heating systems can struggle to heat homes at the best of times, so when a cold winter sets in it can be dangerous for those living in the home.

If your home has poorly insulated walls and roofs or single pane windows – maybe even all of the above – and are relying on a fuel burning stove for heating, you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your stove.

With some handy tips and tricks, even a simple wood burning stove can be made to be efficient enough to heat a poorly designed or older living space:

Damper Plate

With your fire burning at a safe temperature and the logs burning cleanly: i.e. they are releasing little smoke, you can shut your damper plate until it is nearly closed so that you will make sure a lot of heat isn’t lost and is kept in the room.

Stove Fan

A fan might be the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about keeping your home warm, but a passive fan can help move over 100 cubic feet a minute of hot air without the need for batteries. These fans use thermal coupling to spin, which in turn drives the blade and moves hot air around your home, heating an entire house in a much shorter time than the stove alone. They spin silently and can last a long time without any maintenance.

Fire Bricks

By storing fire bricks alongside your stove, you can store heat created by your fire when it is burning and continue dispersing it throughout the night when the fire has died down. Fire bricks help release heat slowly, so you are getting a more diffused spread of heat, rather than having it all at once.

If you are thinking of buying a home stove in Manchester, visit Denton Stove Centre today for more information.

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