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It is no secret that the burning of fossil fuels is considered an important subject of discussion when it comes to the issue of global warming. Luckily, there are a variety of alternative solutions available on the market like smokeless coals and DEFRA approved stove appliances that have proven successful in the protection of the environment. In fact, clean burning is the hottest trend on the market when it comes to environmentally friendly stove usage and the team here at Denton Stove Centre have decided to go over everything there is to know about clean burning stoves…

What is clean burning?

The idea of clean burning is not a practice but rather a system. It involves the introduction of hot air into the fire box of a stove at a height that is just above the regular height of a fire. As a result, the unburned hydrocarbons that are present in the smoke are able to combust at a much more effective temperature without producing an excess of harmful materials like soot.

What are the benefits of clean burning?

Although many homeowners have never heard of clean burning, it is a system that can offer them a variety of exciting benefits. For example, the entire process results in a much more environmentally friendly burning cycle, effectively reducing the amount of toxic materials that enter the environment through the flue of a chimney or stove. As a result, the risk of a dangerous chimney fire is greatly reduced and our planet can benefit from the lack of volatile materials that are released. In addition to this, clean burning can also prolong the burning time of the fuels that are being used which makes it a cost-effective solution to stove usage.

What is a clean burn stove?

In a sense, a clean burning stove looks almost identical to a traditional stove as it is the inside components that operate differently. In fact, these stoves are often geared towards the burning of firewood and logs due to their ability to be highly controlled. Interestingly, clean burning stoves have been in circulation since the 90s and many manufacturers are now opting for this design because they are often considered an effective option in Smoke Control Zones.

When it comes to the burning of carbon-based fuels, it is important to ensure that homeowners pay attention to the flue of their stove. After all, any soot particles should be removed before they are allowed to build-up to dangerous levels. Luckily, clean burning reduces the number of particles that travel up the flue which is why it is considered an effective and eco-friendly alternative. To find out more information about the concept of clean burning, get in contact with the best stoves Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Denton Stove Centre team today!

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