Here at Denton Stove Centre, we offer all our clients a high-quality fitting service that is guaranteed to ensure both quality and safety. After all, installing a stove is not an easy task and whilst it can be carried out by the average DIY guru, sometimes it is best to leave it down to the professionals. In fact, properties without an existing chimney will need to have a flue fitted too and it is essential that this process is carried out properly. Read on as we go over everything there is to know…

Should a professional install a stove and flue liner?

Contrary to belief, it is possible for a homeowner to install their own stove and flue system as long as they have the skills, experience and knowledge to do so, otherwise the task should be left to the professionals. After all, it is very easy to attach a new stove to an old chimney liner but installing a brand-new flue is an entirely different ballgame. In addition to this, a DIY installation should always be inspected by the local council and signed off before it is used.

Is it necessary to obtain planning permission to install a flue?

One of the biggest misconceptions that property owners tend to have about a stove installation is the idea that they must obtain planning permission from the local council. After all, this is only a requirement if the property is considered a Listed Building, which means that it is protected based on architectural and historical interest. With this said, renters should never carry out a project like stove and flue installation without permission from their landlord.

How high should a flue be installed?

Installing a flue for a stove can be incredibly technical which is why even an ounce of uncertainty should encourage homeowners to hire a professional. For instance, a flue that exits a roof within 60cm of the high point should rise at least 60cm vertically too. On the other hand, a flue that exits much further away from the ridge must rise high enough to clear a 2.3m clearance horizontally, which is often determined by the pitch of the roof in question.

Since a flue is an important safety measure for regular stove users to ensure that toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are removed from a property, it is vital that the finished product is inspected by a licenced professional prior to use. To find out more information about installing a stove flue safely, get in contact with the best stoves Manchester has to offer and ask about our fitting service today!